Sunday, August 2, 2009


I've been dreaming about decorating our house and I've actually been planning it all out before I go on a money spending binge (which I'm trying really REALLY hard not to do) and I've refined some of my ideas since I've started pondering how we should decorate and fill our newly purchased home.

I haven't found one photo that perfectly captures what I've been looking for, but these two photos are the best options that I've come up with thus far:

This is CLOSE to the color I want to paint the walls in our bedroom:


My idea is to paint the walls a really bright color and then decorate all in black and white with tiny accents in that are in the same color as the wall.

This is similar to what I've been thinking:


However, instead of a boring white wall, I'm going to paint it bright teal like the pictures above.

Also, I'd love a non-couch version of this couch piece that Andy and I found at Macy's to put at the foot of the bed. So cute!

That's all for now folks!

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