Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Morning Blogging World

Did you know that hot water is an awesome alternative to tea?? It took a little getting used to at first, but now I'm sold on drinking plain hot water. It is refreshing, warm, and soothing (like tea), but without the negative side effects like stained teeth and caffeine addictions. So I'm on my third cup of hot water this morning.

This is not going to be a long post as I'm desperately trying to finish editing all the shoots piling up in Lightroom. Back soon!

Friday, July 25, 2008


I dyed my hair impulsively last week!

We got to spend the day with Jonathon & Carrie who snapped the above photo while we were all out enjoying the sunshine and photography. They are super fab photographers and I heart them. ::winks:: You can check out their work at:

I'll blog more later when we don't have friends over. But doesn't the hair rock?!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm sitting at my computer completely exhausted and a little bored. Andy has disappeared into nerdworld (otherwise known as PDX LAN) and won't be returning until the wee hours of the morning. So, I'm sitting at home trying to decide whether I should attempt to keep myself awake until he comes stumbling in or whether I should succumb to the sleep which is singing to me ever so sweetly. Right now I'm opting for being awake and blogging... which might lead to rambling. Sorry if I'm rambling.

So we shot a wedding today. It was fab. I like weddings. A lot of the guests ended up being old friends from 8th grade. It was amazing to see everyone grown up and married or engaged or working sucessfully. It was pretty much a reunion at a wedding.

So Taleah and I are planning a tea party. Yes, that's right - a tea party. We're calling it The Madhatter Tea Party and every young lady between the ages of 19-29 is invited (we're flexible on the age range of invitees). We're making invitations (maybe), and programs (hopefully), and planning like crazy. So if you are a lady within the designated age range, consider yourself invited to this fabulous tea party of awesomeness on Sunday, August 10th, 2008. Please email me for details! We spent most of Friday scouting good locations and I think we have decided on Andy's parent's house. We're still considering other options and brainstorming though. Hopefully we'll have the location decided here shortly so that we can officially start inviting people.

On Thursday I spent most of the day editing photos. I must admit that I'm getting a little stir crazy hanging around the house all day. I'm going to have to give myself out-of-house activities and projects to keep myself from loosing it. And you all know what "it" is. :D

So life is good. Thanks for asking. I'm a little tired right now and I could use some sleep, but instead I think I'll keep chatting with you Mr. Blog. It is so considerate of you to think about how I'm doing. Such a treat. Well, I know that I've neglected you a little lately, but we've just been so busy. What with wedding photography and moving - you can hardly expect me to conquer the world all in one week now.

Wow - I'm talking to my blog. I think I'll go to sleep now. Ciao!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Woo hoo!

I am thrilled to say that our wedding clients this year are the most amazing fabulous people ever! I was impressed by this when we did our free wedding (we give away one free wedding a year to a couple who can't otherwise afford it) and the wedding was nice and the couple was fabulous, but there was something missing in the connection between us and the couple. I think people value what they invest their money and emotions in; when you are given something for free, you don't care about it as much. Maybe I'm wrong, but we felt a noticeable difference between this wedding and the other 3 weddings that we've done this month. And the only difference we can attribute it to is the fact that they didn't want us enough to pay a large chunk of their wedding budget for us. This doesn't mean they didn't want us because I'm confident that they did, but there is something to be said about being more invested in the process when you have spent a lot of money on it.

At any rate, we have had a blast shooting weddings this year. Our couples have been fun, engaging, delightful, accommodating, willing to try every random idea we have, and completely trusting of our expertise. I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful breath of fresh air this kind of attitude is. Last year (with the exception of a few weddings), we didn't have the same rapport with our couples. Needless to say, we're praying that this continues throughout the rest of the year. It is making shooting seem effortless. At the end of an 8 hour shoot, I'm wanting to stay longer. The bride and groom are more like friends than clients at the end of the day.

Even though we've had a blast at the weddings this weekend, they have definitely drained the energy out of us. We're exhausted! We had a rehearsal dinner in Eugene on Friday, the wedding in Monroe on Saturday, and then another wedding on Sunday! We did a lot of driving, used a zillion memory cards, and this morning we both felt unable to move a muscle. We're sore, tired, sun burnt, and insanely happy with the images we got from the weddings. [I think we're both getting sick too!]

At any rate, I'll post pictures on the studio blog soon! There's so much to catch up on! I apologize if this blog starts to become neglected in my desire to keep the studio blog running smoothly. You know I love you all!


Monday, July 7, 2008


So - we're pretty much settled in at Greywood - except for a nuisance of a couch that we're trying to pawn off on everyone. (Does anyone want a couch????). I'm finally getting caught up on studio editing and miscellaneous randomness. Our logo guy just gave us his most recent logo designs to review. And everything is getting back in order. ::sighs contentedly:: I can't even begin to explain how crazy and busy and exhausting the last few weeks have been.

I'm starting to write again. Time is something I have slightly more of these days and I'm determined to hammer out a book. So far I've narrowed my subject matter to either a fiction story or a book about the lives of homeless people. I think that I ought to start with the homeless book, but I am having some reservations about beginning the book. I suppose I'm not sure how to approach some random homeless person and say - "Hey, you're homeless. Tell me about your life and I'll try to get it published someday." Not to mention, I'm not sure what sort of release I'll need to get for authorization to publish their stories.

At any rate, I've been devouring the "Twilight" series by Stephanie Meyer. I can't say that these books will expand your literary repertoire in a very educational way, but they were entertaining in that the entire book is a relatively clean romance novel sprinkled with vampires and werewolves. While explaining these novels to my mother-in-law, I realized how ridiculous they sound - so I'm not going to try and summarize them here. In fact, I thought they sounded ridiculous at first as well. I read the series at the behest of a dear friend and found that I thoroughly enjoyed them. I haven't disappeared this entirely into a book since Harry Potter or Inkspell/Inkheart. I can't whole-heartedly recommend this book as it was only a suspenseful romance and had little depth beyond the characters involved. However, I also feel compelled to highly recommend it as I found that I could not stop reading the book for even a second. I was completely drawn into Bella's world and her struggles. I mean - how often do you read about a girl who falls in love with a vampire who wants to drink her blood? (See how silly that sounds??)

Okay - I'm off to do more photo editing! Ciao!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Ode

The Day the PC Died (Set to American Pie by Don McLean...apologies for the butchering)

A long long time ago,
In an office down the hall
My PC was under an attack

And I thought me and Google
Could talk the hard drive into
Maybe cutting us a little slack

But it's response, it wasn't pretty
It blue-screened and tried to kill me
I thought about the disgrace
And grabbed a screwdriver to attack the case

Elisha pulled me from the scene
We got online and saw the sheen
We wound up staring at the screen
The day...our PC died...

We were singin'...

Bye bye this here Vista guy
It was crazy somedays maybe
But it still ended up fried
We left our home and kissed our PC goodbye
Singin' soon I'm gonna be a mac guy...
Soon I'm gonna be a mac guy

Did you know they could cram
A whole 2 gigabytes of ram
And an Intel processor they say
Do you see it's 24" screen
All big and shiny with a glossy sheen
Yeah it's gonna edit lots of photos someday

Well I know I used to hate them so
And my friends will say it blows
But my PC broke it's true
And we thought this Mac would do

It was a quick trip down to Pioneer Place
Where we found the Apple store and began to embrace
That we would soon replace
Oh yes, our PC toy

We were singin'...

Bye bye this here Vista guy
It was crazy somedays maybe
But it still ended up fried
We left our home and kissed our PC goodbye
Singin' soon I'm gonna be a mac guy...
Soon I'm gonna be a mac guy

The song is too long for me to actually finish it, and my creative juices are spent. No, I won't sing the song for you, even if you beg. You are welcome to laugh though. But it's true, Elisha and I have joined the ranks of the beret-wearing, establishment-hating, trendy-yet-trend-rejecting mac buying crowd. All I have to say though is, 24" is pure awesome. I'll be sure to post up if for some reason it fries like my PC did.

Fear not, I still own the PC. But since it's wedding season, we need, and I mean NEED a reliable machine. The PC will be going under the proverbial knife...

On a completely different side note, we got a free iPod touch with the iMac. Holy frack, is this thing cool! I used it to watch music videos on YouTube for inspiration while I wrote the "song." Mac wins big points on this thing, it's friggin' sweet.

For the nerds:

This is what it looks like...
24" iMac (1920x1200 heck yes)
2.8ghz Intel Core2Duo
2gb DDR2
Radeon 2600Pro

I'm pretty impressed.