Monday, August 25, 2008

Beautiful Coeur D'Alene Idaho

Well, it is the last day of Elisha and I's trip to Coeur D'Alene Idaho. It has been absolutely amazing -a short, 4-day second honeymoon. What a blessing for us after all the hustle and bustle of wedding season, jobs, moving and a complete lifestyle change after finishing college. It's quite an amazing place, and we've had a wonderful time. It is beautiful - I'm sitting out on the balcony of our hotel room that looks over the city, with a side view of the lake. I just want to stay here forever (forget work!) and keep enjoying the view. But alas, all good things come to an end. However, we won't be without some wonderful memories - and some great pictures! Given that it's Elisha and I's lot in life, we took a bunch. This blog is going to be f-u-l-l of photos. So enjoy!

The first place Elisha and I stopped in WA - a truckstop for some food. Ooh.

The vast nothingness that is Eastern's even more nothing than Eastern OR.

Bad to the bone.


Coeur D'Alene

The beautiful Coeur D'Alene Resort

The sun setting over the lake

Our first dinner was here

Elisha and I on the "World's longest floating boardwalk"

A different sunset over the lake.

The view from our Coeur D'Alene hotel room balcony.

Elisha and I on the balcony

Our room - we got a free upgrade from the bottom room to the 2nd best! Wow!

The opulent water building in which the owner of 1/2 of Coeur D'Alene works

Elisha razzes me endlessly about this...but yes, I wanted to go SHOPPING on vacation...I saw this on the way in to Coeur D'Alene in Post Falls, ID and couldn't say no...

Heh heh heh....I could spend a zillion hours here

Hey bubba!

Coeur D'Alene at night

All shots taken with our little point & shoot... I'm proud of it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

For me?

:D Anyone want to buy me my dream bike? It's for sale. I'll be your friend forever if you do. A steal at only $14,700 too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jazz with Lane

I could be corny and say that I'm totally jazzed about this writing this jazzy post, but I won't.

On Friday (I think), we went to see Tropic Thunder with Lane (which I hated). I could hardly bear that the night would end on such a disappointing note; spending money on a stupid movie with no redeeming qualities = bad mood for Elisha. So, I convinced the boys (somehow) to "wander" downtown Portland looking for good music, yummy food, and happy drinks. Andy imagines walking around and finding a cool place; I'm not sure what Lane imagined; I was just excited the night was not ending with said dumb movie. Well, to Andy's chagrin, our search turned into aimlessly driving around downtown pointing places out after we had already driven past them. For those of you who are acquainted with my husband's driving preferences, you know what this did to him. To those of you not acquainted with his driving preferences, let's just say that we bought a GPS to save our marriage from endless frustration (ie - Elisha's driving prefences: drive aimlessly around until she happens upon desired location or calls and declares her state of temporary mislocation).

Lane, in a valiant effort to prevent further awkward married "discussions," suggested a fabulous little jazz bar. We happily agreed due to our desire to avoid any more uncomfotable conversations. However, we were all pleased with our end result. Happily our night ended with drinks, dessert, laughter, and much improved spirits. We took some snapshots with our little point-n-shoot for your viewing pleasure.

Driving to downtown -

Dessert menu:

yummy drinks -

"Artsy" (aka bad) photo of the band -

The happy couple (us!) -

The Workplace

This was going to be more interesting, but I ran out of creativity. Yes - work is the place that sucks the life out of you and removes any desire one has to enjoy life and all that is in it. Sounds dreary huh? Why in the world then, do we ever get jobs? More important still, if we know this, why do we create jobs that are such drains? As a decent human being, I would abhore the thought that I had given someone a job to do that was as dull as many are.

So then, why am I writing this? Suffice to say, I have realized that while it's hard to find time at home to blog, it's not hard to find time at work. Blah. Unfortunately, since the aforementioned work stifles one's aforementioned creativity, the content within may indeed be boring enough to make your skull collide forcibly with the keyboard. I assume no responsibility for any boredom related activities. You've been warned.

So without creativity, how will I blog something that someone will read? Well, have no fear dear reader(s) (you may not be alone!) for I have a solution. I will post interesting tidbits that I have found on the internet, combined with possible commentary from yours truly. So, here are Andy's TidBits of the Day (TM):

1.) Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

I was going to write a parody of this, but my creativity was sapped (I am at work after all) and I didn't have enough desire to finish it. Thus, it is lost to the interweb forever. Pity. Regardless, the poem is still rock-awesome, even though it was written in 1845.

2.) The Corvette ZR1
What can I say besides "Holy duece, I want one!" And yes, it could free me from the death grip of work by doing 0-60 in less than 4 seconds.

Argh. I ran out of creativity + energy before I got to #3. Dang.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carrie & I

I'm in the middle of editing the photos from our shoot with Jonathon & Carrie from about a month ago (yikes! I'm trying desperately to catch up on editing!) and I came across this photo of Carrie and I. ::smiles happily:: I heart Carrie!

Esto Perpetua

Esto Perpetua - "Let it be forever" is Idaho's state motto and my motto for our vacation there this weekend. I am anxiously looking forward to our one weekend in which we are not shooting a wedding and are escaping into the "gem state."

This weekend Andy and I are going to be discussing our values and goals for the next 5-50 years. Andy's parents bought us a gift certificate for the resort at Coeur d'Alene with the intention that we would schedule a weekend to think about what we want for our lives, our marriage, and our future. So, that's what we plan to do. They gave us these awesome questionairres and things to delve into together. Be praying that God uses this time to bring us closer together and to show us His heart for our lives.

Anyway, I'm off to finish Christine and Matt's wedding! I'm almost done! woo hoo!

The Wren Series

"Wren stared at Tess in amazement. 'You're a what?'

'A Princess' Tess said again."

As I forewarned, the novels I've been reading recently are captivating in a childhood faerie tale sort of way. In the Wren series, an orphaned girl discovers she is princess and Wren is whisked along with her friend to the world of royalty. Peace and happiness can only last so long for the young ladies, and soon Tess is stolen away by a neighboring Kingdom that has held a grudge for more than a decade. As Wren and her mismatched companions, a prince in line to inherit nothing and a young magician destined to become the next mage to the king, set off on their unlikely quest to rescue Wren's best friend, they encounter helpful friends, wise magicians, highway robbers, and scary beasts. Despite, and and with the help of, their numerous encounters, they successfully manage to arrive at the fortress that holds the young princess, Tess. However, in the interim, Wren takes the form of a dog, the prince and the magician are imprisoned in the fortress, and an unexpected helper disguises herself as Wren. Together, they successfully free Tess from the walls of the evil adversary.

Their escape ignited the wrath of their adversary, which leaves one wondering when we will see his retribution and whether our young heroes and heroines will be ready for the fall out.

In the second book, Wren's Quest, our evil adversary is constantly on the mind, but this time around, the antagonist is unknown for much of the book. Wren decides to set out on a personal mission to find out who her family is. During her adventure, the royal Court at home is sabotaged by an insider and she is sent a cryptic message not to return until she is advised that it is safe for her to do so. However, throughout her quest, she is being pursued by an unknown army and can only speculate the reason for the chase. However, the intensity of the situation forces her to discover her magical potential and it is fascinating as she learns more about herself and her abilities. In the end, she discovers, through her quest, more about herself and her family.

I've yet to read the third and final book. I'm still waiting on Amazon.... So, I have to wait to discover what happens to Wren in Wren's War. The title continues to conjure images of self discovery, an evil adversary returning, and a finale worth reading... I'll keep you updated!

(BTW, much thanks to Matt for recommending these and several other enjoyable novels!)

Monday, August 18, 2008


The Twilight series is admittedly my guilty pleasure. I (and many other young ladies I know) are all having a hard time confessing that we ADORE this series that is about vampires, werewolves, and young love. And yet, Stephanie Meyer's writing can't help but captivate her audience with the little drama of Fords, Washington. If love isn't interesting enough, try falling for a perfect vampire who wants to eat you. Sound odd yet? Any description I could afford this book would hardly do it justice.

It is a intense thing being led through Bella's mind as she discovers she loves a man who she shouldn't be with but whom she can't help but want to love. It doesn't help that he is bordering on perfection. The fact that he is a vampire and he resists the urge to drink human blood, Bella's blood specifically, makes him all the more appealing as he resists the desires that are most carnal and natural to him. However, he's not the only vampire on the prowl and he must protect his new unexpected love from the natural instincts of the rest of his species.

What makes this outlandish story work for me is the fact that Stephanie makes Edward Cullen and his "family" or coven just like everyday families. You love them as much as you love Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Avonlea. The only difference is that they're vampires who have chosen a "vegetarian" diet. I suppose eating animals is hardly vegetarian in the true sense of the word, but these vampires have resisted their "fleshly" desires and choosen to value human life.

What's interesting is that the vampire side of the book doesn't detract from the human - ness of the story. It is a very real Romeo and Juliet - a forbidden love. And with their forbidden love comes some heartache, true joy, and dangers that threaten to destroy their lives and love forever.

Intrigued? I hope so. The books are not intended for those sceptical of love, cynics of happiness, or anyone who doesn't enjoy disappearing into another world of intrigue, love, family, and fantastical creatures and events. These books are for the people who always wanted to find a world of make believe right here, close to home.

A little bit of make believe

Vampires, dragons, mermaids, flying chraucans, gryphs, warries, wizards, and a handful of other make believe characters have been filling my brain these last few weeks. I've been devouring several fantasy/young adult books recently and been thrilled to escape for a bit into a world of make believe. With all the photo editing that has consumed these last few weeks, I've needed to curl up on my couch and disappear into a land of adventure and possibilities - a land where my mind can explore new worlds and believe anything is possible.

Here's the recent fantastical books that have captivated me:

1. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn - By Stephanie Meyer

2. The Wren Series - by Sherwood Smith

3. Dealing with Dragons Series - by Patricia Wrede

4. Seeing Redd - of the Looking Glass Wars series - by Frank Beddor

I'll admit that none of these series are very educational or intellectually stimulating. However, I can't deny that I lost myself completely in each set of books.

I'll be blogging about each of these series shortly.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Elisha's Faerie Tale

Andy wrote this faerie tale for me when we first started dating. It's a romanticized version of how we fell in love. ::sighs happily::

A not so long time ago (now actually) in a galaxy not so far away (this one in fact) there was a beautiful girl. The most beautiful girl in the world. Her hair was red like the autumn leaves, and her eyes would shine blue like the first frost of winter. All who saw her were captivated by her stunning beauty, amazing intellect and heart of pure gold. Ask anyone, and they would describe her in awe, speaking of her glow that radiated from top to bottom, shining like the moon on a clear harvest night. All those in the land wondered who could steal her heart - for it was the most precious treasure of all - more valuable than anything on Earth.

One day a Stranger rode into their midst. Clothed simply, he bore no special countenance, nor did he carry the mark of royalty, of one worthy of such a treasure. The Stranger made his life among the people, and for the first while he did not know of the radiating beauty that had captivated the land.

Two years passed, and all was the same as before. The people still held their breath for the day that the Beauty would give away her heart. The Stranger had now become accustomed to the land, and was accustomed to the people - yet had still not seen the legend that walked among the common people.

A short time later, as if fate had intervened, the two met, perhaps by providence, or an act of God above.

The Stranger had joined the community in learning the local dances, for it was an annual tradition to hold a glorious ball, a night of glamour, friendship, and fine dancing among the people.

By chance, the Beauty ventured into the same room where the Stranger and many others were preparing themselves for the big day - getting ready to leave their cares behind for an evening on the floor.

As if by magic, the Beauty and the Stranger locked eyes in the crowded room, and they both felt as they had never before. The Stranger was taken aback. "Who is this Beauty?" he wondered. "How is it that I have lived my whole life, searching for her, and there she stands - how is it that I had not heard of this legend - she must be the Beauty that they speak of!"

As they came together to dance, electricity seemed to dance between their fingers. As the world faded away around them, it was as if a bond had instantly formed - though they did not know it yet, Beauty had found her Stranger, and Stranger had found his Beauty.

As the night came to a close, the two parted ways, not knowing if they would ever see each other again. Hope was in their hearts; though they dared not speak it, for fear that it would be but a futile dream that would be quashed.

Months passed by, and nary a glance did the Stranger glimpse of his Beauty, or the Beauty of her Stranger. Hidden beneath their placid exterior broiled feelings that no one can explain; for how could one night, one look, one dance bring two people so close together? The two lived their separate lives, not wanting to let their hearts run to the dream that seemed to last for an eternity, yet was only a mist before it was snatched away.

The evening of the grand Ball was upon the community. All turned out in all manner of dress to dance the night away – to escape the mundane of the daily life for one night of pure bliss. Secretly in his heart, the Stranger wondered if his Beauty would arrive – not daring to hope, only to dream. Little did he know that the Beauty thought the same as she prepared herself for the Ball, wondering if she would see the Stranger again, hear his voice, see his eyes, lose herself in a dance with him that would never end.

The Stranger entered the ballroom, his eyes darting back and forth; searching for the Beauty that had so captivated his heart. Surrounded by twinkling lights, the dancers swirled around him as he dared to hope, even if for a second, that she would be among them. He found himself disappointed as he realized she was not among them. Would she come? Would he ever see her shining face, the infinite depths of her eyes, feel the soft touch of her hand in his?

Suddenly, as if time itself had slowed to a crawl, the Beauty entered the room. Clothed simply in black, with a fire-red sash dashing across her waist, she radiated so strongly that he could not hold his gaze.

Dashing to a corner, the Stranger realized his predicament. The Beauty was too much for him. He could not bring himself near to someone such as her, yet he was irresistibly attracted, so much that he could not help but long to look into the depths of her eyes, just one more time.

As the Beauty entered the room, she felt unsure of herself – she had never felt this way before! She longed in her heart that her Stranger would be there; that he would see her and be captivated as he was the fateful night they met, the night they danced in a dream. Whisked away by other dancers, she felt herself yearning for her Stranger – would he be here? Would he dance with her? Would the dream be realized once again – would it ever end?

The stranger hid in the corner, his spirit crushed as he watched the Beauty glide across the floor with other men. “She has forgotten me!” he lamented. Whereas he had come to the dance with all the desires of the world, he felt now as if his only recourse was to leave and live the life of a hermit, a monk, cut off from the world, cut off from his Beauty, so that he would never be lost in those eyes, again, for he realized that if lost once more, he would be lost forever.

Unbeknownst to the Stranger, as he stole glances at the Beauty across the floor, not hiding his longing yet not willing to step out, she was looking back at him. Her heart leapt as she realized that after all this time, he was interested! That he was stealing glances at her – at her beauty, that beauty from the inside out, had captured his heart once more, and he could not bear to tear his eyes away.

The Stranger again found himself lost in her eyes, and this time he knew it was permanent – there was no backing down this time. Struggling to get up the courage, he loosed himself from the corner where he had been hiding, and strode across the dance floor, determined to see this through, daring to dream of the future, daring to let his heart leave the realm of reality and float to the sky.

They met in the center of the floor, and the two could barely get out the word “hi” before they were lost in the dream. Unlike any other time in their lives, they found themselves separated from everyone and everything else – the world faded away, and for what seemed an eternity, the two were alone in the universe, and God had given them the key to unimaginable joy. Traveling across galaxies, floating through the stars, they danced together, oblivious to the magic that surrounded their moment in heaven.
As the song came to a close, the two descended ever so slowly back to Earth, back to reality, finding their feet suddenly firmly planted on the wood of the dance floor, instead of dashing ever so lightly through the beauty of the heavens. Unwilling to tear himself away from Beauty’s eyes, the Stranger found himself lost for eternity. The Beauty, unable to let go of the Stranger, realized that she never wanted to let go, and as if one with the Stranger, also found herself lost, lost for a time without end.

As they walked off the floor, hand in hand, it was as if all was right within the universe, if such a thing can be. Two hearts, entwined for eternity, had met in a dream tonight – and the dream never ended.

The End

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ride Red, Vegas Rolls and Greasy Fingers

Long time no blog eh? Yeah, work will do that to you. But since we picked up our fancy little Panasonic FS5 10mp "ultracompact" point-and-shoot, I now don't feel so bad taking a camera everywhere...this one fits in my pocket and weighs 4oz, not 4+ lbs! So I present to you an afternoon & evening of fun, food and manliness, as Lane, Elisha and I tackle a motorcycle ride into the back-roads of Sandy/Welches, consume way more sushi than should be humanly possible, and then jump into the the fun of oil changes on our '94 CBR600F2 and Lane's spankin' new (to him) 2002 VFR800. Photos!

Intrepid riders:

Lane's Sexy New Bike (TM):

Mi y mi novia:

Ze beautiful scenery:

Rock n' roll:

Plates of Suuuushi (This is just Elisha and I's):

Lane attacks his drain-plug:

The bike glows gloriously in the night:

Ready to rumble:

Can you believe these shots came from a point & shoot? We're impressed, yeah.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 Random Goals

1. To take pretty pictures that have depth and feeling like this one by Lara Jade:

2. To love Jesus more than anything else in the world.

3. To laugh more and complain less

4. To travel around Asia for 3-5 months

5. To be truly and completely in love for the rest of my life with my hubby.

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

Actually, I'm just really running behind on photo editing. You would think that I would have tons of time to edit photos now that it is a full time job. However, I find that I'm taking too much time to edit photos because I feel like I have so much more time to get everything done. However, I'm quickly learning that I have to stop being a perfectionist and just get it done. Which is difficult for me.

At any rate, I wanted to share the photos that we took of Jonathon & Carrie a few weeks ago. There are more on the studio blog:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photo Shoot with BCP

So, I haven't gotten around to editing our photos of Jonathon & Carrie from our photo shoot a few weeks ago, but here are some of my favorites of their edits:

And my personal favorite from the shoot:

We heart Jonathon & Carrie and their awesome photography. You should drop by their blog and see more of their mind blowingly awesome photography: