Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunriver with Becca

So this post is extremely delayed in coming, but Becca and I went to Sunriver in October and were surprised with a dash of snow that forced us to stay an extra night instead of driving over the pass in my little Honda Civic.

We went spelunking through some caves and had a blast playing with our only light source, a lantern, and the fun textures of the dark cavernous tunnels. When we emerged from our caving expedition we exited to a world being covered by snow. It was so much fun and so random - which is probably one of my favorite things in the world.

We giggled and laughed and generally had an awesome time. Not to mention, Becca introduced me to Sonic which has the best milkshakes ever! Awesome. :)

This is us "chasing the light" as we tried to capture the last few moments of sunlight before the sun disappeared on our way over to Sunriver.


The "light at the end of the tunnel" was so surreal and angelic. The picture below doesn't begin do it justice.

I'm surrounded by light!

Exiting into a winterwonderland

When we were snowed in, we made and subsequently destroyed a puzzle. ::grins::

On our way back to Portland, we stopped off at Trillium Lake for a bit to take some pictures and walk around.


Kristin Catts said...

Love the lantern photos!

my name is lauren. said...

these pictures are so cool. it looks like you guys had tons of fun on your sunriver adventure :).

oh...and we would love to do dinner sometime soon. i don't have anywhere in particular that i've been dying to try, but if you have any suggestions, we'd be up for it. maybe the weekend? i dunno. let me know what you guys are up to. we miss hanging out with the catts'!

Becca said...

Good times! I am planning on posting my ultra Delayed Sunriver post tomorrow... I might do some picture repeating.
PS. I miss YOU!!!!