Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mawwage is what brings us together today...

A little late is better than never.

Which is why you'll be seeing photos of the beloved Mandi & Ian's December wedding events below.

Mandi & Ian are the lovely people who are brave enough to set up camp and make their home upstairs. They're my favorite. :)

Mandi is the kind of girl that everyone loves and no one dislikes. You just can't. It's impossible. I tried. And failed.

Ian is her stubborn, yet genius, husband who was a goner from the first moment they met. They're madly in love.

Together, they make a perfect couple, and perfect housemates, and we love living with them.

Andy and I at their rehearsal dinner -

Ian's parents - Mr. & Mrs. Stan Oberst

The NEW Mr. & Mrs. Ian Oberst -

Matthew Crews analyzing the algorithms of life. And women. Or maybe woman.

Said woman (a.k.a Hillary) sniffing... lip gloss??

Our token bachelor - Lane - who (for all you amazing single women out there) is an amazing guy. And who I'm going to find a woman for. Soon. I just haven't met any single women who are good enough yet. Please send applications via email. ::winks::

My amazing in-laws. You can't have them. They're mine. [And our Virginian friend, Heather, who is making weird faces off to the right. Heather - come back to Portland! We miss you!]

The Wedding Day:

Nice hair Mandi. ;)

Apparently Mandi was shocked and appalled at how much sparkling cider we brought. Bubbly-making. :)

She's so pretty!

Heather. I ♥ her.

Hillary - looking like a super model. As usual.

Our fabu hair dresser! Thanks Casey! Urban Colorz Salon

The below photo thanks to Chris Becerra photography - here's a pic of all the girls all dolled up.

Mandy, Me!, Mandi, & Hillary

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