Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pinterest is a Liar: {Toddler Hair Side-Twist}

You guys, let's be honest, I love pinterest. I probably am your annoying friend who over pins.

There are just so many amazing inspiring brilliant ideas on pinterest and, as my memory is practically useless, I pin things. So I can find them later. And make them. And eat them. And build them. And....

And then I looked the other day and realized, I have 2,160 pins.

Okay, not as bad as some I'm sure, but I've pinned a lot more things than I'll ever create or need which caused me to think: I either need to start making things or stop pinning. And, of course, the latter isn't really an option afterall (is it?), so I'm starting the Pinterest is a Liar series (or not!) wherein I start trying pinterest recipes, craft ideas, lesson planning, and inform you, the average normal non-crafty citizen of the world, how possible these gorgeous DIY options actually are.

Toddler Hair Side Twist

I found this amazing video on pinterest a couple weeks ago wherein a mom styles her daughter's hair in about five minutes flat and it looks AMAZING!

So I thought to myself - that looks easy! - and proceeded to try it out on Isabel.

Okay friends, two year olds don't sit still no matter how many lollipops you give them. I wish. 

Our time was spent half wrangling hair and half pinning Isabel between my legs as I unsuccessfully attempted to twist and pull her fine baby hair into a semi decent arrangement.

Still, I was hoping. Since she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to twist hair chunks all the way around her head, I tried various combinations of rubberbanding sections of her hair together. Don't do it. It doesn't work.

Attempt #1:  I could hardly get her to stop moving to take a picture, but the front looked kind of cute while the back was a complete and utter fail. I tried twisting both sides into a V in the back. Not so cute.

Attempt #2:  I started twisting all the way around and when I got half way, I realized I had no idea how Mrs. SuperHairMom was able to keep the hair from falling out on the sides as she went around. I subsequently tried rubberbanding the top right section and begin pulling hair from the left to meet in the back. It stayed in longer than the hair attempt number one, but really didn't look that cute. 

Except from the angle in the photo below. It looks kind of cute from a top view. Kind of. 

If you have hair to play with, I'd love to see if you are able to make it work. I really think this pin has potential and the wiggly two year old thing really mussed me up. 

Please try it and let me know if you have more success than I have and what your secrets are!

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