Monday, September 16, 2013

Two Years and Ten Points

I like blogging.

I actually miss it.

And I'm thinking I will try to make it a habit again.

Let me catch you up on the last two years:

Ready. Set. Go.

1. We had a daughter, her name is Isabel. She is officially two and a half years old. [Seriously?  How is that possible??] She never stops talking. Ever. She must get that from her dad.
2. We moved. To the country. And it is amazing. We have a little 130 year old farmhouse that we call home. It's cozy. For us and the mice.
3. We need a barn cat. For the mice. Coyotes might have eaten our other ones.  The cats that is, not the mice.
4. Our second daughter, Melody, was born in June. She is precious, perfect, and sleeps like an angel. I'm thinking I may be able to handle this whole mom-of-two-kids thing.  Maybe.
5. We no longer have hobbies. We have children. [Did I say that out loud?]
6. Sleep is now a privilege, not a right.
7. I officially appreciate the sound of quiet.
8. My bible may very well be a lifeline in the midst of all the craziness.
9. I will probably be blogging about God a lot. Since He kind of is amazing and all.
10. I love you all. Really, I do. :)

There you go. The last two years summed up in ten bullet points.  And now you know why I've been absent from blogging. I was just able to sum up the last two years in bullet points and I just might have been racking my brain for anything something to say for half of them.

So hi!

© 2007 Elisha Catts

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Carrie said...


You're blogging again! And you moved (again)!

And I got off Facebook (again)! And I need your e-mail address (again!) so that we can keep up this Bible memory if you're game in e-mail land. :)