Friday, October 4, 2013

5 Things I've Learned From My Mom

I've learned more from my mom than can easily be summarized in five points. In fact, this post has been incredibly difficult to write because I am having a hard time choosing just five things.   She is my best friend, my person I go to when I'm crying and sobbing and can't handle life, she's the person I call when I'm most excited, and the person who has always believed the best of me - even when I didn't deserve it. I love you mom.

1.  Deep conversations are the best conversations

Whether by example, or the fact that our personalities are similar, I've found that I have an intolerance for casual conversation. I want the heart and life and the soul of a conversation and I'd rather skip over the pleasantries altogether to just speak and hear about what matters. I remember whenever I'd come home from school or camp, my mom would start with the best questions and listen and listen and before I knew it, I was pouring out heart and soul, sharing everything that mattered and my thoughts and feelings and struggles and disappointments and dreams...  Maybe because she modeled these conversations in our home or maybe because she always valued the sharing of the heart that I find that I do too.

2. Beauty matters

My mom modeled for me that beauty matters.  Both the unfading beauty that is buried inside and the exterior beauty that the world sees have value.  She taught me that caring for yourself means becoming a person of integrity and character while still valuing and caring for the physical body that God has given. So every morning, we'd chat in her bathroom, smearing makeup, laughing together, blow drying hair, talking about life, and preparing our physical selves to go out into the world. While she also invested hours and years into caring for our character, our inner strength, and our love for God. And when I look at my mom now, I see Beauty shine from her, an inner beauty that flows outward and glows just behind her physical beauty, illuminating my life and the world around her.

3. Children are a gift from God

I know they are. I do. But sometimes it is so hard for me to see past the moment into who these little people are becoming. But my mom does. She sees it so clearly sometimes that I can't help but want her glasses over my eyes helping me see them with the clarity that she has.  I love my children, but I forget that every moment-becomes-a-day-becomes-a-week-becomes-a-lifetime... And then they are grown and gone. I forget, but she remembers. And I need that.

4. Everyone is interesting

I'll admit it. I might assume things about people before I really KNOW them. I might think a person has nothing I might be interested in hearing, but then I watch my mom talk to someone and before I know it, their struggles and hopes are laid out on the table and tears are flowing and hugs are being given and new friendships are forged. And I stand there gaping like a fish out of water wondering how she does it -  how she truly cares about every person that she meets... I want to be like that.

5. Memories are worth making and keeping

"If my house was burning down and I could only save one thing - I'd save my photos."  This was said countless times around our home and now I realize why. My mom values memories. She has invested years into our lives and the lives of others and, at the end, all that is left on this earth are memories and relationships. Both are worth cherishing.

Who knew?

What have you learned from your mom?

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