Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adventures in Writing #3 - {Home}

Tuesday Thoughts is where I pick a topic that’s on my mind, set a timer, start with “Go”, write about it for five minutes, and end with “Done”. Editing is non-existent and I am grateful for that since I can spend hours fine-tuning and agonizing over a post.  Even writing this paragraph, I've written and rewritten it about five times, sent it to my hubby to edit, rewritten it, and am still debating whether it's acceptable.

In this exercise, I am enjoying the freedom to just write, without stressing about perfection or what others might think. This is my lovelimess after all.


(This post was written last January after we had moved into our old little farm home. The front door now allows guests, but our friends are more like family and they all come in through the laundry room anyway.)

(Andy and Isabel 2013)


The pellet stove is burning warmly, chasing away the bitter chill of this drafty old house. We’ve been here for a month now and have experienced life without a dishwasher or any heating besides the little pellet stove in the corner. We’ve left a house with four bedrooms (that we barely used), new appliances that did amazing things, arching ceilings, and everything suburbia offers, and moved into this little 127 year-old dilapidated home full of ladybugs, sloping floors and holed ceilings.

And the most incredible part of it all? I love it.
I love it more than I loved our “perfect” suburban home with my huge bathtub and walk-in closet.  

In this old charmer, I walk in and I feel at home. Sure, the floor is a little slopey and, yes, you do have to come in through the laundry room, but every day here feels like home.
The wall in the laundry room has hash-marks where Andy was measured as a child - where we’ll measure Isabel next to her papa.  The living room is small and warm and cozy and pulls me in to linger there, cozying up beneath blankets listening to the fire flicker in the pellet stove.  The chill of our bedroom encourages snuggling beneath covers as we laugh to keep warm together.   Isabel crawls around and can go anywhere in the house unhindered and she loves this new freedom.
Life here isn’t full of perfection, but it is so full of joy that it feels like our little home will burst with it.


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