Monday, July 7, 2008


So - we're pretty much settled in at Greywood - except for a nuisance of a couch that we're trying to pawn off on everyone. (Does anyone want a couch????). I'm finally getting caught up on studio editing and miscellaneous randomness. Our logo guy just gave us his most recent logo designs to review. And everything is getting back in order. ::sighs contentedly:: I can't even begin to explain how crazy and busy and exhausting the last few weeks have been.

I'm starting to write again. Time is something I have slightly more of these days and I'm determined to hammer out a book. So far I've narrowed my subject matter to either a fiction story or a book about the lives of homeless people. I think that I ought to start with the homeless book, but I am having some reservations about beginning the book. I suppose I'm not sure how to approach some random homeless person and say - "Hey, you're homeless. Tell me about your life and I'll try to get it published someday." Not to mention, I'm not sure what sort of release I'll need to get for authorization to publish their stories.

At any rate, I've been devouring the "Twilight" series by Stephanie Meyer. I can't say that these books will expand your literary repertoire in a very educational way, but they were entertaining in that the entire book is a relatively clean romance novel sprinkled with vampires and werewolves. While explaining these novels to my mother-in-law, I realized how ridiculous they sound - so I'm not going to try and summarize them here. In fact, I thought they sounded ridiculous at first as well. I read the series at the behest of a dear friend and found that I thoroughly enjoyed them. I haven't disappeared this entirely into a book since Harry Potter or Inkspell/Inkheart. I can't whole-heartedly recommend this book as it was only a suspenseful romance and had little depth beyond the characters involved. However, I also feel compelled to highly recommend it as I found that I could not stop reading the book for even a second. I was completely drawn into Bella's world and her struggles. I mean - how often do you read about a girl who falls in love with a vampire who wants to drink her blood? (See how silly that sounds??)

Okay - I'm off to do more photo editing! Ciao!

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