Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Insomnia is what happens when you forget that your body is super sensitive to caffeine and you drink two sodas at dinner. Then while insomnia takes over your exhausted brain, this is what you do to entertain yourself. '

1. Surf the web for hours researching quilting patterns and ideas.
2. Pathetically attempt to convince men everywhere to donate their unwanted ties to your quilting projects.
3. Message your other sleepless friend about funny things you've found online (please note the image that Becca messaged me earlier displayed below).

4. Fart around on facebook and look for more insomniac buddies.
5. Edit photos
6. Blog about how you're farting around on facebook while your photos are exporting.
7. Think about trying to go to sleep.
8. Realize your mind is too awake to sleep, and then go back to "stumbling" around the internet.

Happy sleepless nights!

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