Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Past, Present & Future

Recently, I've gotten a picture of these three time periods through pictures. All things considered, I'm really looking forward to the next few months as we progress into summer. I've enjoyed (to some degree) Oregon's weird and wacky winter, as we've gotten hordes of snow (yes, hordes - the snow was mongolianlike in it's ferocity and size) compared to what we normally get - it's April and it's still dumping buckets on Mt. Hood. However, I recently got a taste of summer when the weather turned to 70*+ for a scant few days, and it gave me a chance to reflect.


I was digging through old pictures and found these. Dang, our puppy has grown a ridiculous amount in the last 4 months. These pictures are of the first time we took him up to the snow last December. He's now big and no longer cold (he was shivering that day.)

And then I got to pictures of the present - Lane and I got to go on our first "real" (read: not freezing cold) motorcycle ride this year. We've been out a few days, including a good trip with Ian in Corvallis, but I was still numb by the time I got home. This time, it was warm and enjoyable - plus, when you're comfortable, it's easier to push the limits. We doodled around Clackamas, then headed up Highway 224 into the mountains, turning around at Ripplebrook Ranger Station.

And as far as the future goes, we have so much to look forward to. Barbecue (yes, in the good weather I enjoyed a dinner progression of bbq'd chicken, bbq'd ribs and bbq'd steak. heck yes!) I look forward to more of this favorite pastime of mine (food) slathered in Bullseye and smelling good, accompanied by some corn on the cob (when it gets cheaper, holy schmoly $1.25 an ear in the grocery store now.) We're also getting ever closer to closing on the new house (continue praying that it goes through) along with more motorcycling and more fun with friends. I can't wait for spring to shoo and summer to come in!

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Carrie said...

This is Joshua's favorite post EVER! Dogs AND motorwycles?!?! Folks, it just doesn't get any better than this!