Monday, July 18, 2011

Marrakesh with Nate & Ruth

Marrakesh is one of my all-time favorite restaurants!  During my pregnancy I had the most intense cravings for it and probably tried to convince/guilt trip/force my husband to go there EVERY night. I'm not kidding. He tried to control this craving, since it wasn't a cheap option to be fixated on (darn women who want pickles and peanut butter! My husband would've supported that. Spending $50 on dinner every night just doesn't fly with the hubby for some reason...).

Now that the crazy uncontrollable cravings have abated (thank God for NOT being pregnant anymore!), Andy and I went out to dinner at Marrakesh with our lovely newlymarried friends, Nate and Ruth.

Since it was Ruth's birthday the next day, we decided it would be our early birthday dinner celebration for her.  It was so good to catch up with them and reminisce on all the little things you discover about each other when you get married...  Things like girl hair. Everywhere. In the shower. On the floor. In the sink. On the bed. On the couches. I'm pretty sure that Andy found my hair in the most unexpected places. Welcome to marriage - here's some hair.

Anyway, here's the Hubby who is now fully acclimated to the hair covering I've brought to our life:

The lovely Nate and Ruth (Happy Birthday Ruth!) who are still discovering the joys of cleaning hair from your shower drain:

And my absolute favorite part of going to Marrakesh (besides the lovely hair-adjusted company), the Bastilla:

And my favorite main course, the Delicious Apricot Chicken (yes, Delicious does need to be officially  included in the title of this dish):

Any surprising/interesting adjustments that you experienced when you moved in with the love of your life?

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