Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhododendron Gardens and Wahkeena Falls

I love being a stay at home mom! I get to invest my time in people I love and enjoy the beautiful outdoors DURING THE WEEKDAY!  Since summer lasts for only a few short months in Oregon (and I'm determined to finish off this clinging baby-weight now), I've made a goal to do active things during the day to help shake the weight (42lbs down and only 9lbs more to go!).

Tuesday, I went hiking at Wahkeena Falls (near Multnomah Falls) and we made a quick 1/4 mile hike detour to stop at the Multnomah Falls lodge. It's so great to be active and get out and about. The hike was awesome - intensely uphill at some points - and a fantastic beginning to my goal to be healthier and more active.

Mom, Little Miss, and I at Multnomah Falls!
 And then today (see how good I'm doing - twice in three days!), we went to the Rhododendron Gardens in Portland and walked around.  It was probably the geriatric version of a hike (light walking) but I'm just glad that I was moving around with people I love.

Aren't our babies adorable in their matching carseat/strollers?  This photo makes me laugh because it looks like they're intentionally ignoring each other!

 I love my daughter's smile!

Mom and I by the small water feature at the Rhododendron Gardens.

Any new goals in your life?

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Lane Cakes said...

I'll ditto you on the loosing weight thing. Last winter's hibernation and too much good food were not helpful for my waistline. Getting exercise can be a little challenging at times with a busy job and the fact that I lost my running partner to his fiance - I'll let you guess who that is :)

One of my recent goals it to make more effort on spending time with my family. I've got the hanging out with friends thing down pretty well, but my family isn't very good about initiating things.

Another goal is to get to know my neighbors. The Lord's provided some great opportunities so far and I'm hoping He'll give me more in the future. It's amazing what can happen when you just reach out!

PS - I think it's great that you're blogging again E, keep it up!