Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hunting, Church, and Life

Andy went hunting this weekend and left me to the company of my imagination. Fortunately, my imagination imagined me out with my mom and sister in downtown PDX looking at art galleries, grabbing food and drinks at McMenamins, and exploring the wonder of the Greek festival (which, in the end, wasn't so wondrous). However, we could have been sloshing through muddy fields in the pouring rain and it still would have been fun. It was so lovely having a girls day and just laughing and spending time together.

And then, to my happy surprise, Andy called this morning and said he's returning to me early! Yay for shooting a buck early and coming home to his wife, who has missed him. :D

So I'm off to church this morning with Taleah & Jeremy (we're looking for a church, by the way. Does anyone have any good suggestions for the Clackamas/SE Portland area??). We're trying Eastridge this morning and we'll see how things go. The church looks a little too big for my tastes, but then a big church may not be so bad. I guess we'll see!

And I just started reading Ink Death! Woo hoo! I'm excited to see if it is as good as its predecessors!

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