Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life and all that good stuff

I have been terribly remiss in blogging the last month or two. I do have excuses. Lots of them. However, in order to figure out what I've been doing, we're going to play a game called two lies and a truth, and you have to figure out which statement is the truth:

1. I've was captured by a dragon and was only recently rescued by my knight in shining armor, also known as Andy.

2. I was at the grocery store and tried an apple and have been asleep until recently when my knight in shining armor kissed me.

3. I have been busy editing, shooting weddings and senior sessions, designing albums, meeting with a bunch of potential clients, picking a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch with the family, reading Inkdeath, and just trying to keep the house clean and stay on top of life.

So what do you think? What have I really been doing lately?

On to more interesting subjects of note, I went to Chantel's choir performance this week and it was awesome! They did a super job. I was so inspired by a violinist they had accompanying them that I've decided to take a violin class. I'm really excited about learning. I've always loved the sound of stringed instruments above all other musical instruments and the violin and cello have always been at the top of that list. So, here's to a noisy home for the next few months while I struggle to learn how to play!

Oh wait - here's a picture of my cute sister doing her choir performance!

Also, I have super exciting news! I recently got a job at a bridal store! We weren't sure whether I would have time for another job (I'm still not convinced), but we figured that once wedding season begins slowing down I'm going to be lacking things to do. So, we decided that it wouldn't hurt to give it a try and see how things go. So far I LOVE the job! I get soo excited to go to work. It's hard to believe because it is the only job (besides photography) that I have ever been excited about. Pretty much, I get to hang out with cool people, help brides find the dress of their dreams, and promote our photography business at the same time. It couldn't be more perfect. They've given me permission to chat with brides about our photography business, which is awesome! The job is even better because it's commission based, so a lot of the girls are easily making more (per hour; not net income) selling wedding dresses than I did at the law firm. So, all said, we're pretty happy about it.

Alas, photo editing pulls me back like a curse of obedience forcing me to succumb.... I'm excited for the season to be over soon!

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