Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've decided, in an effort to be healthy and more fiscally responsible, that I need to learn how to cook. It was a painful decision, recognizing that it will involve going grocery shopping (which I compare to undergoing painful torture) and time management (of which I am notoriously hopeless). However, being healthy is important to our overall life, so I'm off on a new adventure (or at least I'm trying to convince myself it will be an exciting adventure so that I have the courage to tackle this new and intimidating thing). With that said, if you have any good recipes that are healthy (and easy!), please send them my way.

Andy is so enthusiastic about this "new" Elisha, that he giddily subscribed me to "Cooking Light" Magazine. Apparently, he thinks that I'll join him in his love for cooking. So far, I haven't had the heart to tell him that I'll probably never EVER love cooking the way he does. But I didn't have the heart to ruin that cute enthusiastic smile he had when I told him I wanted to learn how to cook.

Let me present some evidence of my new endeavors!

Exhibit A:

This is the first part that needs tackling - I'm going to clean the fridge, organize it, and catalog what we have so that I know what I need to get from the grocery store.

Exhibit B:

Tonight's first endeavor. Our very brave friends, Craig and Lauren, have offered to be my test subjects for the night. I'm not sure if our friendship will survive after this or, at the least, if they'll ever let me cook for them again. Please pray for them.

Exhibit C:

This is dessert. Seriously, how wrong can it go? I didn't aim at the very complicated recipes while starting out. I figure I should tackle a little bit at a time. ;)

Exhibit D:

Like I said, I'm not going for complicated. This little cookbook was given to me by my mother when I moved out of the house. Sadly, this is the first time it has ever been opened. Still, the cover says "quick and easy" and when it comes to cooking, that little line had me hooked.

On a different note, I'm trying to figure out how to keep plants alive. Suggestions?

Here's what they look like when I get them:

Then they digress to something more like this:

And then hope starts fading when they look like this:

(this was once a beautiful orchid....)

And they end in their doom, in the garbage can, and all I have left is this:

Some people want to save the world, but I'm still working on trying to save a few plants first. Once I get this plant thing figured out, maybe then I'll take on the world. :)

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