Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More editing

I'm keeping myself sane by periodically blogging throughout my photo editing filled day. I'm such a procrastinator that I tend to push off BIG editing jobs until the last minute and then I stress and spend hours upon hours trying to get everything finished in time. Boo on me. Anyway, I thought I would share the beauty of Lightroom. This is a before and after of a photo that our assistant, Becca, shot.

Before: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After:

Pretty much I just raised the exposure a bit in Lightroom and did some other minor adjustments and voila! - you can take a photo that is too dark and not usable and make it something that you would be happy to give your clients.


Becca said...

did I take this one too?

Becca said...

OHH!!! I didnt read when I looked at this before! I only saw the picture :) Wow I am glad that Lightroom can fix my horrible exposure job :)