Wednesday, June 18, 2008

so busy!

Things have been a little crazy here at Greywood. All of our long lost friends have decided that they are glad to have us back. While I'm so glad that they haven't forgotten us and hate us now, our house has been a constant flow of wonderful friends and family coming over to "help unpack" which really means hanging out, eating, and talking about how much we have all missed each other. I love having everyone here all the time, but I can't get anything done! Our books are still in boxes, there is a mess in the garage, and everything is still splayed everywhere. So today we have decided that we are done with friends (not literally you guys - I love you all). We're taking a brief hiatus to unpack and get settled without any "help".

I would blog longer, but I have to get caught up with the studio's stuff first. More later!

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