Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day dreaming....

I want to be Anne Shirley. In every sense of who she is, I wish I were! The red hair, the freckles, the vibrant personality, the hopefulness and possibility she brings to life, the joy, the love she gives to people, her kind selfless spirit. I've been devouring the Anne books and I can't stop wishing I was Anne Shirley.

I have been finding myself using Anne words as they now seem like the only possible word to describe my emotions! For example, we are interviewing my replacement for the job, and we had a girl who came in to interview who I instinctively felt would be a kindred spirit. There is no other term to describe it. I am finding that there are many kindred spirits in the world - people who may not be "friends" in the sense of having a close intimate relationship, but who indeed have a "kindred spirit."

I feel that if Anne were real (as she is in my mind), we would be kindred spirits and would be enraptured with the beautiful world around us and the lovely people within it. We would make believe to our hearts content. I sometimes feel childish imagining silly things, but now I feel joyous about the fact that I have something in common with the story-book Anne. ::grins::

At any rate, on to real life. We had a lovely evening with our favorite Corvallis couple (who we have known to be kindred spirits since the moment we met them) on Tuesday night. We happily had gelato and chatted away about life, photography, and family. They are now an Aunt and Uncle! I can hardly wait for Taleah to have kids so that I can love on them! We then sauntered off to hear Yuri Rozum play Rachmaninoff's piano concerto 3. It was a lovely performance. Albeit, I enjoyed listening to the orchestral performance over the piano performance. There was an arrogance about Yuri Rozum that entirely repulsed me. However, I will admit that he played lovely despite dropping keys periodically. Apparently he has played for Mikhail Gorbachev and that may explain the haughtiness that I subtly detected. All said, it was a lovely performance that I thoroughly enjoyed. Carrie, on the other hand, loved the performance so entirely that she counted all of the grates on the walls, and then at intermission went and stole a book from the car. It is interesting how God creates us all a little different.

Our computer is broken again. We're not sure why we can't get it to consistently work. I'm sure Andy could, but this week has been so hectic and busy with exams, presentations, and his interview this morning, that he really hasn't had time to work on it all. I feel so bad because I know nothing of fixing computers. At any rate, Andy has an interview for a job this morning! We're praying and hoping that he gets the job! It would be a blessing upon a blessing! He has already got a different internship type job with this company, but they asked him to apply for this job specifically and reopened the period in which people could apply to allow him to submit a cover letter and resume. It seems better from our limited perspective for him to get this job, but we know that God does all things well and we trust in Him to do what is right.

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