Sunday, May 4, 2008

Can I be tired?

Really. I'm tired. It has been quite the weekend! Andy started the weekend off by staying out until 1AM on Friday and came stumbling into bed where I had been sleeping since 7PM. Needless to say, all day Saturday, he was exhausted.

Then we woke up EARLY Saturday morning for some reason and decided to drive to and from Corvallis and Salem - during which time we did something secretive. Which I will reveal at a later date - maybe. ::grins mischievously::

Then Saturday evening, exhausted and sleepy, we headed over to Jonathon & Carrie's for dinner and a photo shoot. All I can say is that we have so much fun with them that I completely forgot that I was tired and pooped. In fact, I think I could have kept shooting much longer than we actually did.

Then we headed back for dessert and photo editing. Carrie has completely revolutionized ginger bread for me. I actually took delight in her gingerbread cake and ice cream... mmmmm.... As I'm sure everyone knows, Carrie and Jonathon are fantastic photographers and a complete blast to shoot with. Their friend, Lani, volunteered to be our model for the evening and she was absolutely beautiful to photograph. She was super expressive and fun. I am amazed that after 5 years of marriage and two children, she can still fit into her dress! Lani - if you are blog stalking like you said you do, thank you SOOO much for volunteering to be our model for the evening. You were such a trooper standing out in the cold for so long!

Then we came home late Saturday, crashed into bed, and wished that we could sleep all day on Sunday. Today has been pretty yellow mellow. I spent most of the afternoon reorganizing our computer - putting files where they ought to be, deleting excess images, burning backup cds of images, responding to emails, and the like. It has been very productive actually. At 3:30, we met with our new graphic designer. His name is Evan and he ROCKS! Like is amazing. We're SOO excited to work with him. I am confident that we'll be able to create a logo and brand with him that fits our studio well.

Then we came home, tried to sleep, sort of napped, and then Andy headed off to his group project stupidity around 5pm. I again, sorted through files, uploaded images, deleted crap, responded to a zillion new inquires for 2009 weddings. How weird is that?? People are seriously booking for 2009 already? I'm not complaining, I'm just amazed that people are that prepared.

Then Andy came home and is doing homework while I blog about our weekend. Fun fun. Well time for sleepy-ness. Ciao!


Carrie said...

You can be tired if I can be tired. Joshua keeps waking us up shortly after 6 because that's when the sun comes up and shines altogether too brightly. We're POOPED today!

But we had a blast with you guys this weekend. Thanks for taking time for us. We're always jazzed and excited about everythign we were able to do with you two!

Lani said...

I AM blog stalking! I had such a great time Saturday night! SO FUN! I can't wait to see all the pictures! WAHOO! Thanks for saying I'm fun to photograph--can't think of anyone in the world who wouldn't love to hear that, even if they don't like getting their picture taken! :)

Hope you guys have a great week!