Sunday, May 18, 2008

For the love of books...

Thus far, there is still no sign of my book. As frustrating as it was for me, I have temporarily given up my search and rescue operation for the book and opted for another book sitting on my shelf.

I scanned our bookshelf for a "space filler" that wouldn't be a gigantic book - only something to tide me over until I am reunited with my lost book. I grabbed a small novel by L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables. I LOVED the movie(s); I have watched them a hundred times over and have always giggled throughout. To my dismay, I've never actually read the books, so when I saw this book at a garage sale I instantly bought it.

I thought I would enjoy the books, but I had no idea how much I would LOVE them. My sister came out to hang out with me this weekend and I was so enticed by L.M. Montgomery's word-smithing that I could not put it down. I made Taleah read it to me in the car, in our apartment, and I grabbed the book and read to her on the banks of a lake in Eugene. We both giggled at Anne's antics, the cute mishaps throughout her life, and all the joy and wonder of a girl who is discovering the world and finding her place in it.

I'm so addicted that I am about to buy ALL of L.M. Montgomery's books. I believe she has solidified her place as one of my favorite all time authors, probably second to C.S. Lewis. I love her writing style, her usage of words large and small, the character development, and the heart that she puts into this lovely masterpiece. I am excited to explore her world of narrative and plunge headlong into all of her books.

So - I may disappear for a while. Wish me luck!

By the way - Andy enjoyed a few hearty laughs while we were reading out loud and I believe he may join me in the delightful pleasure of reading Ms. Montgomery's collection.


Carrie said...

I think you are a sad, sad human being who is working towards improvement. ;D I cannot BELIEVE you've never read the book BUT (!) I'm glad to hear you are rectifying the situation.

I own every single book of LMM's including her poetry which I have to say isn't all that great but still -- it is her! And I love her!

Sigh. She makes life wondering and is always one of my favorite reads. You ought to read "Blue Castle" - the title of which should have a familiar ring to you. ;)

Carrie said...

(I meant to say "she makes life wonderful" but, in this case, wondering almost works. Almost. Just not quite.)