Thursday, May 15, 2008


I lost my book. I was reading it. I was enjoying it. Now it is gone and I can't find it. How do people lose books? Seriously - it's very frustrating. I literally can't start another book until I finish this one because if I do, I know that I will never come back and finish it. That is just how I am. I can never come back to a half-read book unless it is YEARS down the road.... and even then....

Anyway - our computer is still having issues. We tried a new video card and then a phrase about the system configuration being corrupt... hmmm. I don't know what the computer's cryptic messages mean, but Andy says that it isn't good and the word "corrupt" generally doesn't bode well in any situation. At any rate, Andy ordered a bunch of new parts, so hopefully we'll have things up and running shortly. I seriously can not wait to edit all the photos that we've shot recently. Not to mention that our studio blog needs some serious new photo updates and I would like to get the final images off to our clients.... oye ve!

I need new clothes. My clothes are all winter clothes and I have almost no warm weather clothes. It has been pretty frustrating getting ready for work when I can find almost nothing that isn't tailored for cold rainy Oregon weather. I think I may have to force myself to go shopping. I'm going to try and find professional clothes that are light and airy, but that aren't dresses. I want to be able to wear cool clothing during our weddings this summer without worrying about exposing myself when I'm tangled up in odd positions trying to capture the perfect picture. That said - it still needs to be professional and not overly summer-y. Any ideas??? This may be a job for those stylish sisters of mine.

Okay, I need to get some food, finish working on all these boring cases, and then call it a day. But there is good news! I got tomorrow off and will be going riding tomorrow with my favorite person! Yay!

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