Monday, May 12, 2008

Oye ve!

Busy doesn't even begin to describe this last week. Our house is in disarray. Our photo gear is strewn around the apartment. Our clothes are pilling out of our suitcase. We have no food in the fridge that is edible, and the dishes and compiling. Then this morning - our computer crashed. How hilarious is that?! I seriously want to kick the stupid thing. It breaks on us routinely every few months for some obscure reason. Darn technology.

So I was going to blog yesterday about our AMAZING engagement session. It was seriously the best session ever! I pushed myself creatively beyond my normal bounds, the couple was fabulous to hang out with and cute to boot, and everything just "clicked." Literally. :D

So I was editing the lovely images of Lani, downloading last night's e-shoot, and feeling very productive. And then - ca put. Grrr..... Andy promises to fix it tonight while I clean, cook, and put away laundry [how very house-wifey of me, I know]. Something about a video card and we need to spend more money on bigger and better computer crap. It all breaks eventually, so I'm not sure what the point is anymore.

Friday we hung out with fellow photogs at Sara Ash's house. It was fun. We met our second shooter, Emily, for a wedding we have coming up in July. She seems really great and we're excited to have her along. ::smiles happily:: Then we all just shot the breeze (not literally) and ate Sara's delicious ravioli. I'm going to have to make Andy steal the recipe so that we can have it again. It was super fab.

Then Saturday we had multiple client consultations. One of them went fantastically and the rest were okay to good. I guess we'll find out how good if they end up booking or not! Then off to my parent's house where tensions were running a million miles high. Let's sum it up with: two teenage girls, volcano project, explosions, and my dad admitting that maybe their project was a bit too dangerous.... scary scary. When dad says it is too dangerous, you better start running the opposite direction - quickly.

Then off to swing dancing with my lovely friend Mandi. I definitely enjoyed chatting with Mandi more than I enjoyed dancing. I heart her and hope she never moves far away (though she threatens often)!

Sunday was full of cooking and preparing for Mother's Day. The moms all came over to Andy's parent's house and ate a yummy meal. Then presents, hugs, loves, and off to Corvallis for a photo shoot.

If my writing sounds rushed, it is only a reflection of the weekend!

The shoot was amazing! I was exhausted before hand; I didn't want to go. Andy offered to do it by himself, but I forced myself to go and am sooo glad I did. I really am proud of myself after this shoot. I haven't EVER felt proud of myself after a shoot. I usually berate myself for taking photos that aren't very good, or creative, or varied enough. But this was amazing. Really really amazing. I'm not sure that the photos will look all that different than our normal images, but I felt like I overcame a mental roadblock which has been camping on my road to creativity for a while now.

Then off to dinner on Sunday night with Lane, Ian, and Jenni. We ordered my favorite meal in the whole world at McGraths and it was delightful. Then home to edit photos and have the ole-box-o-metal fall apart on us.

Finally, Sunday ended with exhausted sleep and Monday began sweeping me back to work. I tell you, I cannot wait another day for this job to be over. It's less about the job, and more about the way it sucks your entire life into a bottomless pit. It is a life sucker. Ugh. Then tonight, I'll go grocery shopping, be busy cleaning, and feel like the whole world is spinning a bit too quickly for my taste. If my world had breaks, I would slam them on.

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Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! Y'all have been busy, busy!

Well, (per your facebook message) I miss you too annnnd I need to get an e-mail off to you post haste regarding my attempts to fix this.

Hope your week has settled things out a bit!