Wednesday, June 18, 2014

365 Days with God - Day 166: Are We Teachable?

I'm giving myself a challenge. Read the Bible each day for a whole year, following the ESV Study Guide 1-year plan. Each day, I will post whatever God has revealed to me in His Word, and how it is changing me. A friend of mine once said that nothing has changed her life as much as reading the bible each day - and I'm excited for how this will change me. Join me on an adventure into the heart of God - and day by day, we can learn more about who He is and what that means to us!

- Andy Catts

Day 166, June 18, 2014
Readings: Proverbs 10, Deuteronomy 16:18-22, Deuteronomy 17:1-20, Amos 1:1-15, Amos 2:1-5, Philemon 1:23-25

There's a lesson that I really, really want my 3 year old to learn. And that's how to listen.

But right now she has much more interest in doing her own thing. And at the tender age of 3, that's not too terrible. She'll face minor consequences, which we hope will teach her that when she gets older, she should listen to avoid the natural life-altering consequences that we all face from making poor decisions.

But have you ever met an adult who never learned this? They are a train wreck. Blindly going forth, oblivious to the consequences of their actions and unwilling to listen to wise counsel. So caught up in having their own way, getting what they want, that the ignore all others. And their lives end up in shambles.

Friends, let us listen to the wisest man who ever lived:

Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life,
but he who rejects reproof leads others astray. (Proverbs 10:17)

Do you heed instruction? Do you listen to those who want what's best for you? Or do you plunge ahead, determined to make your own way in life? God, our good Father, puts people in our lives who offer wisdom and solid advice, wise counsel for us to learn from so that we can avoid pain and heartache.

Listen to wise counsel. Measure it against God's ways. And be teachable.

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