Friday, April 11, 2014

365 Days with God - Day 112: How do the Righteous Live?

I'm giving myself a challenge. Read the Bible each day for a whole year, following the ESV Study Guide 1-year plan. Each day, I will post whatever God has revealed to me in His Word, and how it is changing me. A friend of mine once said that nothing has changed her life as much as reading the bible each day - and I'm excited for how this will change me. Join me on an adventure into the heart of God - and day by day, we can learn more about who He is and what that means to us!

- Andy Catts

Day 112, April 11, 2014
Readings: Psalm 112, Leviticus 18, Isaiah 23, Galatians 3

What are the key tenets of being "righteous?" What does a righteous person's life look like? Is it just about doing the right thing? Living according to "the Law?" Is the bible really a book of rules?

Light dawns in the darkness for the upright;
he is gracious, merciful, and righteous.
It is well with the man who deals generously and lends;
who conducts his affairs with justice.
For the righteous will never be moved;
he will be remembered forever.
He is not afraid of bad news;
his heart is firm, trusting in the LORD.
His heart is steady; he will not be afraid,
until he looks in triumph on his adversaries.
He has distributed freely; he has given to the poor;
his righteousness endures forever;
his horn is exalted in honor.
The wicked man sees it and is angry;
he gnashes his teeth and melts away;
the desire of the wicked will perish! (Psalm 112:4-10)

  When I read this, I don't see a plethora of rules and regulations, or check boxes to mark. I see the heart of a man laid out. Someone who lives each day, serving his community, family and strangers with love and grace. It's a way of living, not a rulebook. Christian or not, I don't think anyone can really disagree with wanting to be the type of person who is mentioned here.

But this is a lesson for me - does my life look like this? What key points are made?

Is my life gracious, merciful and righteous?

Is my life filled with generosity to those in need?

Do I trust in God for everything I need?

How contrasted are these things with the final verse, describing the wicked man. The wicked man is angry about the righteous man. His wickedness is so great that he can't appreciate the goodness of another person. And I don't think anyone wants to gnash their teeth, that just sounds painful.

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