Monday, August 18, 2008

A little bit of make believe

Vampires, dragons, mermaids, flying chraucans, gryphs, warries, wizards, and a handful of other make believe characters have been filling my brain these last few weeks. I've been devouring several fantasy/young adult books recently and been thrilled to escape for a bit into a world of make believe. With all the photo editing that has consumed these last few weeks, I've needed to curl up on my couch and disappear into a land of adventure and possibilities - a land where my mind can explore new worlds and believe anything is possible.

Here's the recent fantastical books that have captivated me:

1. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn - By Stephanie Meyer

2. The Wren Series - by Sherwood Smith

3. Dealing with Dragons Series - by Patricia Wrede

4. Seeing Redd - of the Looking Glass Wars series - by Frank Beddor

I'll admit that none of these series are very educational or intellectually stimulating. However, I can't deny that I lost myself completely in each set of books.

I'll be blogging about each of these series shortly.

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Automatic said...

Many thanks for reading Seeing Redd! I hope you enjoyed your enthusiastic leap into the Pool of Tears, assisting Princess Alyss and Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan with their harrowing adventures into pop culture.

I would like to share with you new revelations from Wonderland as they come into the Looking Glass Wars Library and Hatter M Institute. If you’re interested in receiving this confidential material, before it becomes public, please supply a secure email address.

The LGW Librarian