Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Elisha's Faerie Tale

Andy wrote this faerie tale for me when we first started dating. It's a romanticized version of how we fell in love. ::sighs happily::

A not so long time ago (now actually) in a galaxy not so far away (this one in fact) there was a beautiful girl. The most beautiful girl in the world. Her hair was red like the autumn leaves, and her eyes would shine blue like the first frost of winter. All who saw her were captivated by her stunning beauty, amazing intellect and heart of pure gold. Ask anyone, and they would describe her in awe, speaking of her glow that radiated from top to bottom, shining like the moon on a clear harvest night. All those in the land wondered who could steal her heart - for it was the most precious treasure of all - more valuable than anything on Earth.

One day a Stranger rode into their midst. Clothed simply, he bore no special countenance, nor did he carry the mark of royalty, of one worthy of such a treasure. The Stranger made his life among the people, and for the first while he did not know of the radiating beauty that had captivated the land.

Two years passed, and all was the same as before. The people still held their breath for the day that the Beauty would give away her heart. The Stranger had now become accustomed to the land, and was accustomed to the people - yet had still not seen the legend that walked among the common people.

A short time later, as if fate had intervened, the two met, perhaps by providence, or an act of God above.

The Stranger had joined the community in learning the local dances, for it was an annual tradition to hold a glorious ball, a night of glamour, friendship, and fine dancing among the people.

By chance, the Beauty ventured into the same room where the Stranger and many others were preparing themselves for the big day - getting ready to leave their cares behind for an evening on the floor.

As if by magic, the Beauty and the Stranger locked eyes in the crowded room, and they both felt as they had never before. The Stranger was taken aback. "Who is this Beauty?" he wondered. "How is it that I have lived my whole life, searching for her, and there she stands - how is it that I had not heard of this legend - she must be the Beauty that they speak of!"

As they came together to dance, electricity seemed to dance between their fingers. As the world faded away around them, it was as if a bond had instantly formed - though they did not know it yet, Beauty had found her Stranger, and Stranger had found his Beauty.

As the night came to a close, the two parted ways, not knowing if they would ever see each other again. Hope was in their hearts; though they dared not speak it, for fear that it would be but a futile dream that would be quashed.

Months passed by, and nary a glance did the Stranger glimpse of his Beauty, or the Beauty of her Stranger. Hidden beneath their placid exterior broiled feelings that no one can explain; for how could one night, one look, one dance bring two people so close together? The two lived their separate lives, not wanting to let their hearts run to the dream that seemed to last for an eternity, yet was only a mist before it was snatched away.

The evening of the grand Ball was upon the community. All turned out in all manner of dress to dance the night away – to escape the mundane of the daily life for one night of pure bliss. Secretly in his heart, the Stranger wondered if his Beauty would arrive – not daring to hope, only to dream. Little did he know that the Beauty thought the same as she prepared herself for the Ball, wondering if she would see the Stranger again, hear his voice, see his eyes, lose herself in a dance with him that would never end.

The Stranger entered the ballroom, his eyes darting back and forth; searching for the Beauty that had so captivated his heart. Surrounded by twinkling lights, the dancers swirled around him as he dared to hope, even if for a second, that she would be among them. He found himself disappointed as he realized she was not among them. Would she come? Would he ever see her shining face, the infinite depths of her eyes, feel the soft touch of her hand in his?

Suddenly, as if time itself had slowed to a crawl, the Beauty entered the room. Clothed simply in black, with a fire-red sash dashing across her waist, she radiated so strongly that he could not hold his gaze.

Dashing to a corner, the Stranger realized his predicament. The Beauty was too much for him. He could not bring himself near to someone such as her, yet he was irresistibly attracted, so much that he could not help but long to look into the depths of her eyes, just one more time.

As the Beauty entered the room, she felt unsure of herself – she had never felt this way before! She longed in her heart that her Stranger would be there; that he would see her and be captivated as he was the fateful night they met, the night they danced in a dream. Whisked away by other dancers, she felt herself yearning for her Stranger – would he be here? Would he dance with her? Would the dream be realized once again – would it ever end?

The stranger hid in the corner, his spirit crushed as he watched the Beauty glide across the floor with other men. “She has forgotten me!” he lamented. Whereas he had come to the dance with all the desires of the world, he felt now as if his only recourse was to leave and live the life of a hermit, a monk, cut off from the world, cut off from his Beauty, so that he would never be lost in those eyes, again, for he realized that if lost once more, he would be lost forever.

Unbeknownst to the Stranger, as he stole glances at the Beauty across the floor, not hiding his longing yet not willing to step out, she was looking back at him. Her heart leapt as she realized that after all this time, he was interested! That he was stealing glances at her – at her beauty, that beauty from the inside out, had captured his heart once more, and he could not bear to tear his eyes away.

The Stranger again found himself lost in her eyes, and this time he knew it was permanent – there was no backing down this time. Struggling to get up the courage, he loosed himself from the corner where he had been hiding, and strode across the dance floor, determined to see this through, daring to dream of the future, daring to let his heart leave the realm of reality and float to the sky.

They met in the center of the floor, and the two could barely get out the word “hi” before they were lost in the dream. Unlike any other time in their lives, they found themselves separated from everyone and everything else – the world faded away, and for what seemed an eternity, the two were alone in the universe, and God had given them the key to unimaginable joy. Traveling across galaxies, floating through the stars, they danced together, oblivious to the magic that surrounded their moment in heaven.
As the song came to a close, the two descended ever so slowly back to Earth, back to reality, finding their feet suddenly firmly planted on the wood of the dance floor, instead of dashing ever so lightly through the beauty of the heavens. Unwilling to tear himself away from Beauty’s eyes, the Stranger found himself lost for eternity. The Beauty, unable to let go of the Stranger, realized that she never wanted to let go, and as if one with the Stranger, also found herself lost, lost for a time without end.

As they walked off the floor, hand in hand, it was as if all was right within the universe, if such a thing can be. Two hearts, entwined for eternity, had met in a dream tonight – and the dream never ended.

The End

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Keenan said...

Heh, I never read or noticed this until now. Nice going, Mr. Catts!