Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Workplace

This was going to be more interesting, but I ran out of creativity. Yes - work is the place that sucks the life out of you and removes any desire one has to enjoy life and all that is in it. Sounds dreary huh? Why in the world then, do we ever get jobs? More important still, if we know this, why do we create jobs that are such drains? As a decent human being, I would abhore the thought that I had given someone a job to do that was as dull as many are.

So then, why am I writing this? Suffice to say, I have realized that while it's hard to find time at home to blog, it's not hard to find time at work. Blah. Unfortunately, since the aforementioned work stifles one's aforementioned creativity, the content within may indeed be boring enough to make your skull collide forcibly with the keyboard. I assume no responsibility for any boredom related activities. You've been warned.

So without creativity, how will I blog something that someone will read? Well, have no fear dear reader(s) (you may not be alone!) for I have a solution. I will post interesting tidbits that I have found on the internet, combined with possible commentary from yours truly. So, here are Andy's TidBits of the Day (TM):

1.) Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

I was going to write a parody of this, but my creativity was sapped (I am at work after all) and I didn't have enough desire to finish it. Thus, it is lost to the interweb forever. Pity. Regardless, the poem is still rock-awesome, even though it was written in 1845.

2.) The Corvette ZR1
What can I say besides "Holy duece, I want one!" And yes, it could free me from the death grip of work by doing 0-60 in less than 4 seconds.

Argh. I ran out of creativity + energy before I got to #3. Dang.

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