Monday, August 18, 2008


The Twilight series is admittedly my guilty pleasure. I (and many other young ladies I know) are all having a hard time confessing that we ADORE this series that is about vampires, werewolves, and young love. And yet, Stephanie Meyer's writing can't help but captivate her audience with the little drama of Fords, Washington. If love isn't interesting enough, try falling for a perfect vampire who wants to eat you. Sound odd yet? Any description I could afford this book would hardly do it justice.

It is a intense thing being led through Bella's mind as she discovers she loves a man who she shouldn't be with but whom she can't help but want to love. It doesn't help that he is bordering on perfection. The fact that he is a vampire and he resists the urge to drink human blood, Bella's blood specifically, makes him all the more appealing as he resists the desires that are most carnal and natural to him. However, he's not the only vampire on the prowl and he must protect his new unexpected love from the natural instincts of the rest of his species.

What makes this outlandish story work for me is the fact that Stephanie makes Edward Cullen and his "family" or coven just like everyday families. You love them as much as you love Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Avonlea. The only difference is that they're vampires who have chosen a "vegetarian" diet. I suppose eating animals is hardly vegetarian in the true sense of the word, but these vampires have resisted their "fleshly" desires and choosen to value human life.

What's interesting is that the vampire side of the book doesn't detract from the human - ness of the story. It is a very real Romeo and Juliet - a forbidden love. And with their forbidden love comes some heartache, true joy, and dangers that threaten to destroy their lives and love forever.

Intrigued? I hope so. The books are not intended for those sceptical of love, cynics of happiness, or anyone who doesn't enjoy disappearing into another world of intrigue, love, family, and fantastical creatures and events. These books are for the people who always wanted to find a world of make believe right here, close to home.

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