Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jazz with Lane

I could be corny and say that I'm totally jazzed about this writing this jazzy post, but I won't.

On Friday (I think), we went to see Tropic Thunder with Lane (which I hated). I could hardly bear that the night would end on such a disappointing note; spending money on a stupid movie with no redeeming qualities = bad mood for Elisha. So, I convinced the boys (somehow) to "wander" downtown Portland looking for good music, yummy food, and happy drinks. Andy imagines walking around and finding a cool place; I'm not sure what Lane imagined; I was just excited the night was not ending with said dumb movie. Well, to Andy's chagrin, our search turned into aimlessly driving around downtown pointing places out after we had already driven past them. For those of you who are acquainted with my husband's driving preferences, you know what this did to him. To those of you not acquainted with his driving preferences, let's just say that we bought a GPS to save our marriage from endless frustration (ie - Elisha's driving prefences: drive aimlessly around until she happens upon desired location or calls and declares her state of temporary mislocation).

Lane, in a valiant effort to prevent further awkward married "discussions," suggested a fabulous little jazz bar. We happily agreed due to our desire to avoid any more uncomfotable conversations. However, we were all pleased with our end result. Happily our night ended with drinks, dessert, laughter, and much improved spirits. We took some snapshots with our little point-n-shoot for your viewing pleasure.

Driving to downtown -

Dessert menu:

yummy drinks -

"Artsy" (aka bad) photo of the band -

The happy couple (us!) -

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Nathaniel said...

So, what was the name of the bar?