Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Andisha Studios?

So Andy and I have been deliberating about changing our studio name to something more memorable and more "us". So we are narrowing our ideas down and trying to come up with something creative that has meaning and sounds cool. It is a little more difficult than you would think!

So what do you all think about these three ideas?

1. Andisha Studios
It is actually the nickname we got while we were dating because apparently Antioch guys combine every "Antioch" couple's names into one name once they get really serious. Ours became Andisha. :D

2. Fiore Studios
It means flower in Italian and we just like the way it sounds. It looks nice graphically too. :D

3. Stick with "ea photography studios" and just brand the heck out of it so that everyone remembers it is EA, not AE, and that the website is

What do you all think???


The Olfelts said...

Andisha - it sounds a little "shaniqua"ish. Not bad, but it's a thought. We, by the way, have been dubbed "Dallison".

EA Studios- is a pretty good option, but it makes me think of EA Games.

Fiore - I like this one the best. I guess when I think of a name for a wedding photographer, this one seems like the most appealing. We used "Bella" Photography - kind of along the same line.

Happy Blogging!

Elisha said...

We're right there with you... Now we're considering "Aria Studio". Unfortunately, is already taken... So we're stuck with Aria Studio and we're not sure that it flows quite right... So then we're back to considering Fiore Studios... :D