Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Weekend

I'm soooooo excited for this weekend! It's going to be amazing! On Friday, Andy is second shooting with Chris Becerra, a local photog and friend. He should have a nice time since Chris is a super nice guy and shooting weddings is also super fun!

Then on Saturday we're hanging out with Andy's room-mate-before-he-married-me, Mr. Ian Oberst, and Ian's lovely girlfriend. We don't really know Ian's girlfriend yet because she lives in California, so we're excited to get to know her and see if she lives up to our standards of how awesome Ian's girlfriend should be! However, I am sure she will live up to all standards since Ian has chosen to date her, which is something he doesn't do lightly. Not to mention, our house has been a tad quieter this week since all "the guys" (Ian, Matt, & Lane) have I-week at Antioch. I-week is the Antioch girlfriend nightmare - no talking to the guys during I-week unless you have class with them or some other required activity like work. However, it is a great time for the guys because they spend the week in prayer and meditation on God's word while separating themselves from the world. However, we're excited to hang out with them after they've been released from their required monasticism.

Then on Sunday, we'll be spending time with Jonathon & Carrie (J&C from here on out because I'll probably be blogging about them lots) and their handsome little son, Joshua. We're all heading out to the Tulip Festival (weather permitting) for some fun and pony rides. As we are all obsessive photographers, there will be a plethora of camera gear and photo taking. I'm excited! Carrie and I are going to try and get "fine art" photos, but I'm sure I'll probably get too distracted with how cute Joshua is and just follow him around taking pictures. lol.

Anyway, I am thoroughly looking forward to this weekend and all the fun that it holds! ::grins:: Thanks to all our friends who make life so enjoyable!

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Carrie said...

We are SO looking forward to it too!

LOVE the Everyday Photography blog. I don't think I had seen that one before. The outdoor shots you guys get are amazing! Really I LOVE the bold colors and the stars in the I'm impressed. =) Can't wait to get some of those "fine art shots" and compare a bit. =)