Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mongolian Grill

My husband rocks! He knew that I couldn't blog about some fun stuff we've done recently until I had photos to put with them, so he edited and uploaded photos for me! Isn't he nice?!

So, we went to the Mongolian Grill the other night with Jesse, Amy (my old roomie), Jon (Jesse's bro), and Heath (some random dude). We had a blast! We just met Heath last week when we all went out to DQ and had some very deep conversations about God and whether God allows for divorce in abusive situations, whether it is better to stay and "suffer for Christ's sake," etc. It was a very thought provoking conversation which really made me pull out my concordance and Bible and do some research. I'm interested in hearing other Christians' thoughts on the matter...

However, our Mongolian Grill trip was less theological and just plain fun. We talked about Amy and Jesse's upcoming wedding, life, food, computer games, and just other random stuff. Then I pulled out my camera and happily snapped away. Remember - I'm releasing myself from perfection in non-client photos, so these are not perfect. It is REALLY hard for me to relax because I judge myself by the quality of my work, by whether people like it, etc. So this is a growing process for me. I'm making a statement - it's okay that I'm not perfect.

By the way, when did "okay" stop being a word?? My spell checker comes on when I type in okay and wants to change it to OK. Weird...... I love how English has deteriorated over the years.

Finally - here's the pics!

The love birds -

The other love birds -

Heath and Jon making fun of all "the love birds"

More Heath and Jon -

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