Monday, April 21, 2008

Unveiling Adara

Adara is the Greek girl's name for beauty... It is also the new name of our photography studio. We'll be making A TON of changes to our studio including a new website, new name, new logo, and much more. We're excited about the changes and we hope that they will be the last GIGANTIC changes our studio will make. We plan to keep this name for as long as our studio exists and we hope to make very few brand changes in the interim - which means we have lots of long term planning to do.

In the effort of making the best decisions, we'd love input from our friends and family. What do you think the studio should look like? Any advice in terms of branding styles you would suggest?

Andy and I spent a lot of this last weekend designing new logo prototypes while I was sick. Here are some of our attempts. These are not the finished designs, but rather starting points for where we may like to head in the future.

I have ideas for this option, but I don't have a camera phone to take a picture of my drawings and post it... Maybe I'll work on it tonight.

New color options:

So throw your ideas this way - email, call, comment; we just want to hear everyone's thoughts on it.


1 comment:

Cardas Photography said...

I LOVE #1 - but I love the teal that you have with the green in the other ones. Great job!