Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Date Night

Andy and I had a date night last night! It was great. We went to our favorite Japanese restaurant where they cook the food all fancy-like in front of you. They're kind of expensive if you each buy a full meal, but we usually share one meal, order a $4.25 order of Crab puffs (which they call K-crab Rangoon, which I have no idea what that means), and then we get a side of sushi for me.... mmmm. sushi. :D

So, we brought our camera and were intending to take pictures of our dinner date, but we got so distracted with the yummy food and cool show, we completely forgot about the camera lying under the table until about 5 minutes before we left. The other couple at our table offered to take our picture before we left and amazingly, we let them! (I'll post it later when I get home)

Then we went to see Drillbit Taylor which was an awesome movie! It was a cute light hearted comedy about three nerdy kids who get picked on by two high school bullies, so they hire a body guard who is actually a bum/con artist. Like most heart warming comedies, the con-artist is just trying to make a buck in the beginning of the show, but then genuinely comes to care for these three nerdy kids, and ends up helping them and becoming a hero in the end. Even if it is after several mishaps along the way. It wasn't really deep or profound, but we were definitely entertained. I even laughed out loud several times, but I guess that's not too surprising because I laugh at just about everything.

Anyway, we had a nice night and fell into bed exhausted around 11:30pm. I was so brain dead this morning, and I'm still not quite awake. Oh! I forgot to mention, before we went to dinner and a movie, we went bike riding which was fantabulous. It was absolutely beautiful out and the sunset was so brilliantly colored. I am amazed at God's creativeness! Not to mention, I love spring time! I love the colorful blooming flowers, the green grass, the crisp air..... ::sighs romantically::

Anyway, that is it for now. Ciao


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