Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chai tea

So I have much to blog about this weekend (we had a blast by the way!), but I want to wait until I get all the pictures uploaded and I can blog in conjunction with them. Posts are much more interesting with photos!

For now, I'm just going to ramble because I'm tired and I think Andy's sickness is starting to try and attack me. Bleh. So Andy's really sick. He can't even talk. It's funny because it felt like we were playing charades last night. He points at his head, I ask "medicine?"; He points at me, I say "you love me?" He nods yes. lol. And on and on. It was pretty amusing, but I have to admit I don't do well without conversation. By the end of the night I was feeling pretty grouchy because we hadn't really talked all evening. I think I must be spoiled with such a wonderful caring husband who always spends a lot of time talking with me about my day, my feelings, etc. Being spoiled like that makes me forget that not everyone has such a wonderful marriage relationship - which makes me sad. At any rate, for some reason, it was so weird not talking that it made me really grouchy when I should have been sympathetic. Now, thinking about it, I'm just grateful that my husband is so wonderful to talk to when he has a voice. ::grins::

So now I'm at work and I have a sore throat... So if anyone tries to call and you hear rahhsrehaffle ashfa ehdf , it means I can't talk anymore either. :D

Anyway, I'm a strong believer that chai tea solves a lot of the world's problems. As testimony to that, I went to work, brewed myself a strong cup of chai with sugar and milk, and I'm suddenly feeling a sense of contentment. See? Chai = contentment. Actually, that's blasphemy, but I do really REALLY like chai tea. ::grins::

Speaking of chai, we found the coolest store this weekend. J&C went to Portland with us for a really fun day (which you will hear about more later), and on the way home we stopped at a mall (Washington square??) and they have a TEA store!! Isn't that amazing? A whole store devoted to tea. I am still a little confused about how they stay in business, but I had fun sampling teas and enjoying all the unique teapots. I believe I even saw a YiXing teapot! I couldn't verify it because they had their price tag right over where they put their YiXing symbol... Either way - it was very cool.

Just for you - I'll add a picture of a cool YiXing teapot.

I own this YiXing teapot -

And I think this one is just neat -

Anyway, I need more tea and then I should get busy doing work stuff. Ciao!


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