Friday, April 4, 2008

The lovely rainy sunrise

So I'm not normally a morning person at all - especially when I wake up and it is rainy and dreary outside. But this morning was different. It was rainy and miserable, but I feel surprisingly awake and joyful (which is rare in the mornings for me). Since today is Friday (and therefore casual clothes can be worn at work), I donned my most comfortable pair of jeans, my cute birght blue shirt, a cozy white sweater, and my favorite pair of plaid flats. Mmmm. I feel happy and comfortable. I hate wearing all my stuffy work clothes during the week because they just don't fit and feel nice. I think that starts me off in a bad mood most days.

Usually getting to work and sitting in my lonely office at the end of the hall puts me in a bad mood too, but this morning all the gals sat around chit chatting about Dana's new pheasants. Apparently, they decided they wanted to buy some pheasants for pets and so now their lovely new friends reside in their bath tub. ::grins:: The pictures are kind of cute.

Finally, I make my way back to get tea - which ALWAYS makes me happy. I LOVE tea. With a passion.

So now I'm sitting at my desk intermittently working and enjoying writing this blog. I think I love blogging. It is such a great outlet for fielding thoughts and getting out a little creative energy. I am sad that since I do most of the blogging on my breaks at work that I can't pepper the blog with lots of pictures, but I'm going to try to throw them in here and there.

Especially since I have photos from our dinner last night at Mongolian grill with the Dills, Ms.-soon-to-be-a-Dill, and Heath. They think I'm a little chaotic with photo taking, but I've decided that I really can't demand perfection of my photos in every picture I take or I would lose the joy of just randomly pushing a button and listening to the fall of the shutter. I love that sound. Honestly, the reason I bought my first film SLR when I was in high school was because of it. It sounded so "fashion-photography." How shallow was that? But it started my love of all things photography, so I guess it wasn't such a bad reason to start taking pictures.

Anyway, back to work and doughnuts. ciao!


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