Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've officially been told that Andy is going to start blogging on our blog. Hehe. He was initially against the idea of having a new blog, but he's been so impressed with my awesome blogging skillz.... haha. Actually, he is just getting excited about sharing our lives with our friends and keeping a kind of journal that we can look back on together. So he's going to be contributing too. You'll be able to tell who is blogging from now on, because we'll be signing off with one of our names.

On to the fun stuff - OMSI!!

Who doesn't love OMSI?! My dad used to work there when I was a kid and I loved it! It was the coolest thing! I got to go in "off-limit areas" like this glass cat-walk over the lobby area.

Anyway, enough childhood reminiscing. We went with J&C who are our new favorite Corvallis married couple! They are pretty awesome as individuals and photographers. We love talking to them and just hanging out. I've become an avid blog stalker of their personal blog and just love getting to know them more. We were all raised in Christian families, we all love photography, we all love music (they like Opera and classical!) and the list goes on and on. It's exciting to make new friends who are fun and who inspire you.

I found the "hair machine" at OMSI. I love this silly device. I think it is great how your hair goes all crazy-like. See? Isn't it cool!

Okay, so my hair isn't super crazy in this picture, but Andy didn't put the super crazy hair picture online probably because he liked my facial expression in this one better.

Here's T-Rex - actually it's T-Rex's close Chinese cousin. Hard to tell I know.

J2 was really scared of the dinosaurs at first, but he slowly acclimated and was able to be around them for a little bit without clinging tightly to his daddy.

However, J2 did do really well with the ABC computer. Here's him and mommy learning their ABCs.

My favorite thing of the day? It is a tie between the papercup airplane device (which we have no pictures of) and the really cool circle spin-ny thing. Very descriptive I know. Here's some pictures of J2 being mesmerized with putting random things onto the spinning surface. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of me being mesmerized with putting things on the spinning surface. lol.

Daddy and J2

Preparing to throw the ball -

The release -

J2 discovering the joy of puppet shows (who doesn't love puppet shows?!) -

And that he has a mouth -

I think most of us had our faces buried behind a camera for most of the day. We all love taking photos WAY too much. So here's Andy doing that photography thing -

Anyway, the day was an absolute blast! I couldn't believe how well J2 did in the drive to and from Portland! What an awesome kid! J&C did well in the car ride too. ::grins like she's hoping someone got the joke::

So that's it for now! I'll probably post more later when I get a chance to look through the pictures myself.


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